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Carrie Ferrante

Writer, Director, Producer, Editor, Production Designer

Carrie Ferrante has been working in film and theater for the better part of her life. She began her professional career in film by writing and directing (among other positions) the first undergraduate feature film at LIU Post, Us & Them. Us & Them would go on to be nominated for and win numerous awards at a variety of festivals across the country. She was also selected as the most recent graduate on a list of “Notable Alumni” from Long Island University. Since then, Carrie has worked on a range of award-winning films including The Last Taxi Driver, Bloodlines, and Leaving. She is currently in post-production for her second directorial effort, Are You Lonesome Tonight, and for another film she wrote, A Thousand Words. As an actress she recently returned to the stage, starring in a production of the theater classic “Bell, Book, and Candle”. She has taught acting classes in the area, and currently works as a copywriter and freelance screenwriter in Connecticut.

Winner - Best Student Director
Us & Them
Silent River Film Festival, 2013





Fairfielder wins film award

(29 May 2014, Fairfield Citizen)


First undergrad feature at LIU Post

(5 August 2012, The Examiner)


Follow-up to well received 'Super/Heroes'

(28 November 2011, The Connecticut Post)





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