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'Ditmars: The Animated Series' is an original production from The Majors Productions, LLC. The series follows June and Ethel in their quaint hometown of Ditmars, often referred to as "the armpit of the Earth". They like living life the way they like their cigs- unfiltered and half lit. When they’re not baking cookies or gossiping about their neighbors, they’re getting themselves into cataclysmic situations- be it starting an intergalactic war, summoning the floods of Moses, or worst of all, local politics. So put on your best Depends, come over for a cup of coffee, and get ready for a wild ride...this is Ditmars.




Meet the first lady of Ditmars: widowed

by the late mediocre Mayor Frank, June is a mother, a grandmother, a sister, and a time capsule of absurd experiences. She once had a brief stint as cover girl for Ditmars’ own

Hag House Magazine. She’s a GILF and she knows it!


Instant fame and a side affair with Frank Sinatra went to June’s head, but her star quickly fell when her obsessive smoking lead to a tracheotomy, leaving June unappealing, but with a new and useful hole.


In the wake of the modern age, June retains her 50’s housewife mentality. Always making time to stick something yummy in her oven, this grandma puts a new spin on 'loving and adorable'. Overall, June is a family gal who dotes on her son, grandsonand sister Ethel- whether they like it or not.


Despite her fragile appearance, Ethel is someone you better watch out for or she’ll roll all over you. A loud-mouth spitfire with a knack for sticking her nose into other people’s business, she's more often talking herself into sticky situations than out of them. 


Her brutal honesty is what people have come to love about Ethel; her ability to “keep it real” makes her popular with the "Ditizens" of Ditmars, young and old.

Who knows what'll go into or come out of Ethel's mouth next; whether it be those delicious strawberry candies old people carry around, or a “Lung Cookie,” named after the solid chunks of tar she hacks up after a long drag. Ethel never fails to make those around her wince, laugh, gag, or cry.

Family Tree 2019.png

Ditmars' late, lamented Mayor was an attentive husband to the apple of his eye, June... and equally attentive to most of the ladies in town.

              An apple a day!



This schlubby son of June's

can be found with a beer in one hand and searching for his manhoodwith the other.





June's fabulous, frivolous grandson has a passion for Broadway, brunch and broad-shouldered brutes.

                Bottoms up!



A model right-wing extremist,

Debra's condescending to all, but especially to her "coffin dodger" mother-in-law, June.

Pence 2024!




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Uptown Ditmars

Ditmars' most pretentious Ditizens reside in this prestigious corner of town. Uptown is best known for the historic Naughty Nixon Hotel, where legend says that Nixon himself hid the missing minutes of the Watergate tapes.

Downtown Ditmars

Hiroshima circa 1945 is more pleasant than Downtown Ditmars. Although it’s a cesspool of crime and home to a healthy drug market, you’ll sometimes find a warm-hearted hobo... and sometimes he’ll still be alive!

downtown ditmars.png


Accessible by the sewer grate in front of Cox and Knockers, you can find anything in Undermars. From cock fights to the shady distributions of hard-to-find 'goodies', here is where the fun really begins.

Police Station

Anyone who’s anybody has passed through the halls of the Ditmars police station. Currently under the command of Officer Shortstack, the Ditmars armed forces are doing a somewhat mediocre job at keeping the streets of Ditmars crime-free.

ditmars police station.png
ditmars city hall.png

City Hall

A stone's throw away from Uptown Ditmars is City Hall. Here, corporate political fat cats come to buy, bone, and butcher the upstanding laws of this proud town. City Hall stands as a shining beacon of American scandal.

June & Ethel's House

At the heart of Ditmars is a home with its own tales to tell. From hushed meetings of the Illuminati, to risqué rendezvous of Kennedy and Monroe, these walls have seen many a forbidden sight... the most taboo being Frank and June's late-night lovin'.

ditmars house.png
lower east ditmars.png

Lower East Ditmars

If you need a break from the hustle and bustle of town, Lower East Ditmars is the place to go. The residents here don’t say a word, and that’s because they’re dead. That’s right, you have found yourself in Happy Trails Cemetery, right behind the Basilica of Saint Nicholas, hoe hoe hoe.

Gilgo Bay

Over the highway and around the u-bend is a cruddy bay barely passing as a beach. Gilgo Bay is home to many unknown creatures and cryptids, thanks to the nuclear power plant dumping atomic waste into its depths.

ditmars beach pov.png

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