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Maxwell Silverstein believes of all the patients and the doctors, he is the only sane one in the mental asylum he is trapped in. He fantasizes about escaping but lacks the motivation to make it happen. He is brutalized by a guard, Boris, and drugged up by the head of the asylum, Dr. Emmerson. Every day is another banal struggle, until he meets Beatrix Dohl. Beatrix is sweet, innocent, and harboring many destructive memories. Max falls for her instantly, and together they scheme to finally escape from the confines of the institution, though Beatrix is more hesitant than he. In a reality that may not be so real, longings of escape and the conviction of true love blend into a dreamlike, thrilling story about defeating your inner demons and what it really means to be free.

42 min.  Completed July 2012. 
Shot on the Canon EOS 7D.


Steve White as Maxwell Silverstein
Caitlin Gold as Beatrix Dohl
Scott Churchson as Boris
Zeshan Bhatti as Boyd
Nicholas Wilder as Henry Doyle
Mike Tiscia as Dr. Emmerson


Director/Writer/Producer/Editor - Joshua Paige
Director of Photography - Marc Riou
Score - Luke Paige
Sound Recordist - Alan R. Holloway
Assistant Director/Production Designer - Carrie Ferrante
Associate Producer - Jason Hess
Sound Operator/Key Grip/2nd Assist. Camera - Robert La Rosa

Raw Umber

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