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Edward Prince is New York's favorite superhero in a reality where they exist everywhere. He's been on leave from the superhero business for a year since his fiancee, Eileen, was kidnapped by his nemesis, Mr. Cutting, and tortured. He begins to regret abandoning his city, however, when tragedy strikes...the date is September 11th, 2001, and he's about to find out that having superpowers doesn't necessarily make a hero.

20 mins.  Completed in May 2011. 
Shot on the Canon EOS 7D.


Brian Edelman as Edward Prince
Lindsay Hicks as Eileen Evans
Steve White as Mr. Cutting
Rob Klein as Reid Knox

Director - Joshua Paige
Writer/Asst. Director/Prod. Designer - Carrie Ferrante
Producer - Nugent Cantileno
Associate Producer - Jason Hess
Director of Photography - Marc Riou
Editor/Key Grip/Asst. Camera - Robert La Rosa
Score - Luke Paige
Sound Recordist - Alan R. Holloway


Official Selection
Long Island Fringe Festival, 2011
NewFilmmakers New York, 2011

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